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Poster Partner Program

Join the Poster Partner Program today and receive alerts via email when posters of children missing from your area become available on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®’s website. Help the search by printing and distributing posters in your community.

To join OR unsubscribe, first click on your region in the map then fill out the form below it.

US Zones Map

NCMEC will also notify you when a poster alert you have received has been discontinued and request you cease distributing that child’s poster along with retrieving any distributed posters to the best of your ability.

Poster Partner FAQs

Q:May I change the layout, add a phone number, add a logo or in any other way alter a missing child poster before I distribute it?

A:No. Posters must remain in their original format with NCMEC’s name, logo and toll-free number. For more details read our Terms of Use.

Q:How often will I receive missing child poster alerts?

A:NCMEC adds approximately 40 new missing child posters to its website each week. The majority of these posters come from the most populated states.

Q:I joined the Poster Partner Program. Why haven’t I received any poster alerts?

A:If you have not received any poster alerts within three weeks of joining, make sure you have responded to the Poster Partner confirmation email. Please check your spam filters if you have not received a confirmation email. If you continue to have trouble receiving poster alerts contact NCMEC for assistance.

Q:Where should I display the posters?

A:The posters can be displayed anywhere in your community where people will see them, but be sure to ask for permission before placing a poster on someone else’s property.

Q:I forwarded a missing child’s poster to an email list. Do I need to notify the recipients when the child is recovered?

A:Yes. NCMEC requests you to retrieve as many posters as you are able to when a child is recovered. In the case of an email distribution we ask that you notify any recipients to the best of your ability.

Q:I would like to distribute the missing child posters at a community event. Is it my responsibility to retrieve these posters if the child is recovered?

A:Yes. We ask that you notify any recipients and retrieve any distributed posters to the best of your ability.

Q:How do I remove myself from a poster partner distribution list?

A:The next time you receive a poster or recovery alert, click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message. If you have joined more than one zone, you will need to follow the process noted above for each zone you have joined.

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